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EDM, an abbreviation of electrical discharge machining, is a specialized tooling method that uses electrical energy to cut, drill, etch and machine metal parts. Electrical discharge machining is one of the most accurate types of machining processes as it is able to achieve complex geometries and details especially when using CNC EDM machines to control the process. EDM cutting and drilling is also suitable to be used for both hard materials and extremely delicate materials which are difficult to machine with conventional cutting methods.

Rather than using abrasion or impact, EDM machining erodes the material in the path of the EDM tool using electrical discharges, or sparks created by the electrode which is connected to a power source. The tool electrode forms an arc to the work piece as the two are brought closer together, creating an intense electric field between the two components which is responsible for removing material. EDM is often referred to as spark machining, spark eroding and die sinking. For extreme precision parts, micro EDM is used as it can achieve tooling and machining on very small scales. Wire EDM (or wire erosion) and sinker EDM, also know as plunge EDM, conventional EDM or ram EDM, are the two main types of EDM machining differing in their method of achieving the electrical discharge required. Sinker EDM uses an electrode whereas wire EDM uses a wire, typically made of brass, to transmit sparks to the work piece. Sinker, or plunge EDM is capable of boring holes into metal work pieces, creating holes, patterns and at times three dimensional objects, while wire EDM cuts patterns and shapes. Both are effective methods and are widely used. Small hole EDM is a type of EDM drilling which is also required as a pretreatment for wire EDM in order for the wire to be fed through a part.

Some Leading Manufacturers

VW Broaching Service, Inc.

Chicago, IL | 888-803-9067

V W Broaching Service has been providing superior specialty machining services since 1955. And now our state-of-the-art Mitsubishi wire EDM machines provide extremely precise work, with tolerances held to within .0002. Electrical Discharge Machining finishes are superb – down to RMS 12 on most materials; and any conductive material can be cut, including hardened and exotic materials. Using both non-submerged and submerged cutting technology, we have tapering capability for conical or isometric radii and shapes. The Electrical Discharge Machining Division of V W Broaching Service takes pride in our ability to turn your problem parts around quickly – very often within 24 hours! V W Broaching Service is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

Avon Broach and Production Company

Rochester Hills, MI | 248-650-8080

With a multitude of machining and fabricating services, Avon Broach and Production Company has the solutions for your machining needs. Using our precision wire electrical discharge machining capabilities we can create high quality injection molds, extrusion dies, templates, punches, tools, and more. We’ve been providing exceptional manufacturing services since 1950, so you can count on us for quality and reliability. Give us a call to discuss your applications and EDM requirements.

Adron Tool Corporation

Menomonee Falls, WI | 800-346-9004

Adron Tool Corporation is your source for high quality electrical discharge machining services. We have been in the EDM industry for more than 20 years, and we utilize 50 high-speed EDM machines in many sizes to handle all kinds of work pieces. We provide sinker EDM, 5-axis EDM, small EDM drilling, production wire EDM, and rapid prototyping services. Whatever your EDM needs, connect with us! We have a solution for you!

Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.

Franklin, MA | 800-528-8650

Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication is the leader in fabricated stainless steel, nickel, aluminum and titanium products. We utilize electrical discharge machining to create all kinds of parts and products. With our state-of-the-art machining services, we can make complex cuts and create intricate forms. We have the close tolerance, high precision ram EDM equipment and expertise to quickly meet your specifications. Contact us today!

Northeast EDM, Inc.

Newburyport, MA | 978-462-4663

When it comes to electrical discharge machining, we provide only the best! We are NADCAP accredited and we continually invest in the latest and best EDM technologies to bring you high quality products and services. Specializing in prototype and product development, tools and dies, molds, and short and long run production, we can handle any EDM requirements you may have. For more information, get in touch with one of our EDM experts by calling or submitting a request for quote today!

Steadman Tool & Die, Inc.

Townville, PA | 814-967-4333

For more than 25 years, Steadman Tool & Die has specialized in the manufacture of precise, accurate, and repeatable tooling. We provide a host of manufacturing capabilities, including wire EDM, EDM drilling, and RAM EDM. We provide precise tolerances (+/- 0.0002) and superior finishes. We can handle large and small orders, unique parts and components, and specialty material needs. So contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Using this process is extremely accurate, reliable and affordable, so it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many manufacturers. Some of the common applications for electrical discharge machining include producing plastic molds, die casting dies from hardened steel and forging dies which are typically made from hard metals which other machining processes are less effective with. Other purposes for EDM include the manufacturing of engine parts like compressor blades of titanium alloys and nickel based super alloys. Industries that benefit from the use of the electrical discharge machining process include food and beverage, automobile, stamping, extruding, defense, electronics, aerospace and medical. Diverse materials such as the following can be cut with electrical discharge machining: aluminum, copper, zinc, bronze, tin, silicon, titanium, stainless steel, gold, lead, silver, iron, cobalt, nickel, tungsten and many other compounds. Not only is EDM machining capable of accurately cutting these materials, but the preheating of hard metals which is necessary in mechanical tooling is unnecessary with EDM, saving manufacturers both time and money in the cutting process.

The actual electrical discharge machining is accomplished through sparks or electrical discharges that can generate heat anywhere from eight to twenty thousand degrees. A shaped tool, electrode or wire is connected to a power source and used to generate the series of sparks. There is no actual contact between the electrode and the work piece, but rather a conductive path that is established between the two components. This electrical field wears away the surface of the work piece in the desired shape or pattern. The EDM process takes place in a bath of water based dielectric fluid, which prevents premature sparking and flushes away debris. It also conducts electricity between the electrode and the work piece, allowing the unwanted material to be eroded. Both wire EDM and sinker EDM use the same general process, including immersion in dielectric fluid. For wire EDM processing, a hole or perforation must already be made in the metal – this is usually done by small hole EDM; a thin brass wire is fed through the work piece and clamped on both ends by diamond guides, then the wire cuts through the metal in a specified pattern guided by CNC EDM machine arms. Wire EDM is used for cutting shapes through a selected part or assembly. Sinker EDM uses machined graphite or copper electrodes to erode the desired shape into the part or assembly and the process is used for more complex geometries. CNC machines are used to guide, monitor and control the machining process, as well as CAD/CAM software. As well as dimensional factors of size and shape, an important consideration when using EDM is the material of the work piece, since the material of the electrode should be matched.

Electrical discharge machining has advantages over other machining techniques due to its ability to create complex and intricate parts with a high degree of accuracy. This process is able to machine hard materials where other machining processes have difficulties, as well as delicate materials that would break easily under impact. Another advantage of EDM is its ability to machine parts on an extremely small scale. While using this process, the work piece is not deformed from impact because there is no direct contact between the electrode and the material, and likewise the work piece is burr-free after completion and saved from heat damage because very little material-damaging heat is generated during the procedure. It is a time-consuming process and the electrodes need to be replaced often, but the advantages of EDM machining outweigh the drawbacks.

Avon Broach and Production Company

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